David Peretz Novels
Just published,  September 2009, The Broderick Curse features NYPD's Ross Cortese, joined by Sally McDevitt, ex-NYPD, now Chief of Detectives, Massachusetts State Police. A local man drops a fishing-line through a hole chopped into an iced-over pond. The line grows taut; he tugs and pulls up a skeletal hand. The skeleton found behind the wheel of a Mercedes sedan buried beneath murky waters provides the first clue to a colder-than- cold case. The case heats up as Ross and Sal investigate a tangled web of greed, corporate deceit, boardroom and bedroom intrigue, international conspiracy--and murder. 
"...suspects and the other people that we met in the story came to life as real people. This was topped off this with good pacing which turned into a page turner at the end of the book complete with suspense and unpredictability. He has put himself into the major leagues of detective novels . If Dr. Peretz decides to spend more time away from behind the couch in order to turn out a few more of these novels, I think he should find a ready and grateful audience. - Michael Blumenfield, M.D. blogger on PsychiatryTalk.com